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Mrs. Zahrádková has a plan to convince the other co-owners of the flats to finally save the house in which they live together and which is in emergency condition. The young newlyweds have just moved in to house with their idealistic enthusiasm. From the first moment, with astonishment, they see the co-owners' inability to agree on anythings. Mrs. Roubícková vigilantly controls the proper course of the meeting and does not allow the slightest deviation from the rules. Ms. Horvátová, on the other hand, does not have an overview, but comments on everything aggressively. Somewhat naive Mr. Svec represents his mother and is quite lost without her. Mrs. Prochazkova and her most likely business partner Mr. Novak are looking for ways to appreciate their property not only by renting an apartment to African students. Mr. Nitranský wants have the attic to expand his flat and frustrated Mr. Kubát sabotages any decision. Brothers Cermák are unknown, they have inherited the apartment after his father. Old Professor Sokol has not commented yet.

Director's notes: _The ownership of flats gives their owners a small, precisely calculated, percentage of power that can be exercised only at joint meetings. Nowhere else do we have such an easy influence on our decision-making. It is only here that we have the power to achieve personal goals, from completely banal finally show up in society, through classic neighborhood goals such as to find, compare, defame, mock, to very refined when someone can use the squabble community inconspicuously in their lasting benefit._

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