19.07.2020 v 20:00

Nath + Kacha Kowalczyk + God.wifi

/ vstupenka
fire Zbývá 100

U n i c o r n booking is happy to return to the first event organized in pandemic reality. The tired with isolation hears of the audience will be treated with ASMR by Nath. Kacha Kowalczyk, who will also play the DJ set as a discopololajf, will also make a guest appearance on the occasion of the recording of a joint track. The evening will be closed with a selection of tracks from God.wifi.

Nath is a teenage girl combining singing and rap. Despite her young age, she has already had many collaborations with renowned figures from the Polish scene - rappers such as Młodszy Joe or Yung Adisz, as well as with Kacha Kowalczyk from the Coals duo. Nath has already played a number of major concerts and has been a guest at the Random Boys 2 festival in Proxima, Warsaw.

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